Every Die-Hard Criminal, Ruffian, Pick Pocketer, Small-time Goon knows for sure that it is better not to mess with this old man, wearing a red turban, walking with his dog, because he is none other than legendary CHACHA CHAUDHARY. With a brain sharper than a needle and faster than a super-computer, he can make the deadliest criminals surrender. A man named SABU is from the planet Jupiter and is his best friend who occasionally provides his extra-ordinary muscle power in CHACHA CHAUDHARY's frequent clashes with criminals. A darling of Indian masses, CHACHA CHAUDHARY series, is adventure and laughter rolled into one. Chacha Chaudhay's strips find permanent place in The International Museum of Cartoon Art, USA.



Swinging in and out of problems with sheer luck, is a boy named BILLOO, whose feats will take you to a merry-go-round of laughter, suspense and fun. With a happy-go-lucky attitude, BILLOO walks into most funny situations like a night-walker, but always comes out a winner. Highly eventful life of this comic character will leave a perpetual smile on your face.


A bundle of bubbling energy, mischievous, brainy, witty, out-spoken Pinki is all that and more. She's a girl next door, but people who know her make sure not to come in her way, for she is a walking tornado, if you know what that means! With a heart of pure gold, she is always there to help lesser mortals, and yes you guessed it right, her manner of help sends them hurtling down the ladder. Come, join PINKI to have a joyride of your life.


Motu Patlu are two stupid friends. They do something foolish or the other. In their ignorance their idiocy creates Humor. They have many friends who are equally interesting. Dr Ghatka uses hammer and saw more than he uses stethoscope and injections. Ghasitaram has 20 years of experience in every field of life, but every time he fails miserably. This group of characters is unbelievably hilarious.


  Like Laurel and Hardy, the famous duo - Chotu-Lambu is always up-to the neck in trouble. These two friends        always roam together. They are silly people who stumble accidentally right into crime scenes, into criminals' dens  and in thick of conspiracies, fight them on the spot and emerge victorious. Their twisted fate, peculiar ways and    unexpected acts create a world full of action-suspense and fun. You will love reading about the adventures of this  very funny pair Chotu-Lambu. Lambu is very tall and thin fellow, whereas Chotu is the exact opposite- short and fat.                                              They always emerge as winners due to their wit and presence of mind.


  Missing some comedy in life? Just get hold of this Diamond Comic character, and laughter is assured. Raman is a very    funny fellow, who always gets involved in hilarious situations, with his friends or family. He is a young man of middle    class family. He has a Muslim friend and a Sardar friend. Raman reflects the life and problems of service class people. It    is a pleasure to be with him.


 Get hold of Channi Chachi and all your gloom will disappear. Channi Chachi is a middle aged, fat  lady, with great sense of humour and intelligence. Her witty answers leave one and all speechless.  She belongs to a middle class family, she has independent views and has a jovial nature. You will enjoy being with her in Diamond Comics.



 ABHAY is a dare-devil hero, while AGNIPUTRA is like a guiding angel to him. And what a superb combination they  make. ABHAY fights crime with the help of the state-of-the art technology. But as you know, sometimes gimmicks fail  and then AGNIPUTRA-his other divine self-comes to his rescue. Faced with equally resourceful enemies, the duo have  to perform their best, always. The result is a never-ending series of nail-biting encounters, which thrill and humor you  simultaneously.



 A rave and daring patriot, that is, what is our Diamond Comics character, Dynamite. He's an enemy of all  enemies of our country and thrashes down all anti-national activities in his efforts. A revolutionary patriot, he  achieves his goals and creates terror. Welfare of the country and society is always important for him. His uncle,  Gufraan Baba, helps him. Together they scare all the traitors of our country.




Alien invasion has left mankind in a lurch. Who will save mother earth? Bingo! Here comes FAULADI SINGH, armed with the most sophisticated gadgets up to his teeth, with fellow robots and super-computers, he delivers a mighty blow to evil alien and saves the earth. FAULADI SINGH is a robot with human feelings. Created by brilliant scientist Dr. John, he is capable of such daring feats, which will leave you in a state of dejavu.




Seemingly calm jungle has all kinds of death traps. Trapsre being laid to capture innocent animals and to enslave  unsuspecting natives. Who will be their savior? Mahabali Shaka, you bet, the king of the jungle, friend of the needy. Enemy  of the evil, Mahabali Shaka has the might of the elephant and courage of the lion. Be with Mahabali Shaka to feel the thrill  of the jungle, which will even chill your spine.



 Chasing a car, jumping from the train, out-witting the criminals, booby-trapping the enemy spy. Don't you fancy all  that? Well, let your imagination run wild with real life adventure of two teen-aged detectives, RAJAN and IQBAL. With  active and helpful support of police-officer, Inspector BALBIR, the duo catch criminal-gangs, foil conspiracies and nail  anti-national elements, all single-handedly. Their courage, wisdom and sense of humor spins a web of spell-binding  tales,  which can engross you for hours.



Here's one Diamond Comics character, which will jerk you out of any boredom that you're feeling. Shrimatiji has so many qualities rolled into one, that she is a class apart from the usual housewife. Shrimatiji, or Sheela, as she's named, is always attempting to do one thing or another, in such a funny way that it is hilarious. A dominating wife she scares the wit out of her husband, like a typical housewife. But, Shrimatiji is a gossip-monger, who stays in a company of friends like Rami and Gogi. She is a mother of two kids. The whole household is always falling into funny  situations. She is very practical and fashionable. She always wants to look glamorous and is ambitious. She wants to have latest things in her house. Her jubilant nature makes you laugh.



 Tauji, a man with magic wand, assisted by his dwarf friend, Rumjhum, will take you to the world of magic and  adventure. Tauji, an elderly fellow, who is brave and intelligent man, always fights against evil powers and  emerges victorious. Powerful villains, satanic forces, deadly conspirators and their fight with Tauji, spines such    blood-chilling tales which will hook you for days to come. In his encounters, two friends - his magic wand and                                                          Rumjhum, help him. You will be transported in a world of magic and evil.




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