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Diamond Comics is coming up with a Brand New TV show for Indian viewers, which features humorous homemade videos of kids that are submitted by viewers. Common features of the videos can be unintentional physical comedy (arising from incidents, accidents, and mishaps). Contestants can send their videos in by submitting them onto the email:
Selected Videos then will be aired on the TV Show where contestants will be called, public will vote for the most funny homemade video and winner will be rewarded with a cash prize.


Video Submission Guidelines:


1. Video must be submitted by Parents / Guardians of the kids

2. Any number of Video can be submitted

3. Video Length: min 20 sec - 1 min

4. Video must be submitted along with the valid ID of kids and parents / guardians

5. Video must be original and must not be submitted earlier on internet

6. Validity and Identity of the video will be checked by the team Diamond Comics

7. Selected videos will become part of the TV Show 

8. You will be informed about the selection via emails

9. Selected video owners will be called on the TV Show

10. Cash prize of one Lac for the winning video

11. Submission mailed to:

12. Video size: max 20 MB

13. Format: MP4 / MPEG4

14. Video must have clear audio and picture quality


Important information about copyright

Video submissions should be of original work. If video submitted was found to be a property of someone other than the person submitting the video then the video submitted will be rejected.

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